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Kane Sofa

Kane Sofa

SKU: QS 2682

The Kane Sofa is a tailored sofa with piping detail that offers a crisp, edited look to any home. It’s a clean, contemporary piece that will always look refined. The Kane is a great choice for those with a busy, fast-paced lifestyle as it comes standard with foam seats that require little maintenance.  The Sofa is available on our Quick Ship Program in 4 different colors.  If you need a custom order the delivery time will be a bit longer but well worth the wait.  Click here to visit Vangogh Website. 

  • details

    • Sofa: 88.5"L x 36.5"D x 34"H
    • Condo Sofa: 78"L x 36.5"D x 34"H
    • Loveseat: 62.5"L x 36.5"D x 34"H
    • Chair and a half: 43.5"L x 36.5"D x 34"H
    • Chair: 36"L x 36.5"D x 34"H
    • Sectional:  See Sectional Planner Image
    •  *Overall dimensions may vary +/- 1”



      Before ordering, be sure to measure all doors, hallways, elevators or stairwells that the piece will need to pass through, to ensure that it will fit when delivered.

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